• Passport Traditional Swans Skateboard Deck

Passport Traditional Swans Skateboard Deck

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- Premium skateboard deck with all new graphics
- Manufactured in the USA by the best woodshop in the biz
- Available in various sizes, please specify in drop-down menu
- Learn more about our brands at permanentdist.com


PASS~PORT has chosen the infamous Generator woodshop to produce their range of decks. If you know, than you know. The brand was founded in 2008 by Trent Evans, and after a whirlwind trip across America that confirmed the huge lack of progressive skateboard brands in Australia, plans were made to create something new and unique. From then on PASS~PORT started working closely with like-minded friends & artists to create a brand with its own direction and ideals. The inspiration for the brand comes from various places – travel, friends, Australian heritage and various collaborative efforts that have helped shape the identity of Passport. Currently the team consists of a tight knit group of skateboarders from the west & east coast of Australia, not to mention also the Motherland NEW ZEALAND. Josh Pall, Billy McFeely, Callum Paul, Geoff Campbell, Glenn Wignall, and Bernie Foo are just a few of the International Passengers.

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