• Stoops Magazine Issue #2
  • Stoops Magazine Issue #2
  • Stoops Magazine Issue #2
  • Stoops Magazine Issue #2

Stoops Magazine Issue #2

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The 2nd issue of Stoops includes these features: Specific Objects of DIY, In Brief: Doogie, In Brief: Jake Keenan, Interview: Leo Gutman, One-Offs,Tracing Traces, Over It.

Featuring Photographs By: Allen Ying, Jonathan Mehring, Mike Heikkila, Zander Taketomo, Ricardo Napoli, Darnell Scott, Todd Midler, Ben Kilpatrick, CORNPHOTO, Dima Brylev,MarcoHernandez.

Skaters: Josh Wilson, Matt Genovese, Rob Gonzalez, Ryan Lay, Deerman Of Darkwoods, Jerry Mraz, Doogie (Silvester Eduardo), Jake Keenan, Leo Gutman, Jimmy McDonald, Nakel Smith, Jack Curtin, Tyshawn Jones, Kennedy Cantrell, Sage Elsesser, Brian Delatorre, Benny James, Clark Hassler, Ben Kadow, Karim Callendar, Dave Mitchael, Lurker Lou, Ryan Thompson, Clint Peterson, Billy Rohan, Jimmy Lannon, Kojiro Hara, Adelmo Jr., Quim Cardona.

Stoops is another one of the great East Coast Skateboarding periodicals that refuses to believe that print is obsolete.

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